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Themes, not dreams
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Themes, not dreams

Rather than a random mix of talks, each session at Experience 2013 is focused around a few important themes. We've asked our presenters to ensure that their sessions include advice and guidance for meeting the challenges that come with what we believe are critical factors for success in delivering a truly exceptional web experience in the real world.

Topics covered in the conference this year include Designing for Tomorrow, Today; Building with Web Standards; Multi-Channel Customer Engagement; and Design for Content Management Systems.

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    Designing for Tomorrow, Today

    By Marcus Jamon, last updated Nov 22, 2012

    How best to design the next round of engaging, user-centered web experiences while ensuring compliance with today's technical constraints?

    Should you use HTML5 and CSS3 now? What about IE6? What does progressive enhancement mean? How should you implement responsive design?

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    Building with Web Standards

    By Dan Misawa, last updated Nov 22, 2012

    What are web standards? Why bother? Does POSH (plain old semantic HTML) markup actually help anyone?

    What about things you actually care about, like SEO, findability, simpler maintenance? How about responsive design and content-out approaches? Web standards can help!